Personalised Inspirational Messages
  • Personalised Inspirational Messages

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    🔥 Personalised 🔥

    Embellished with your Name and Image/Photo across the whole video, to ensure the recipient understands you CARE. A timeless symbol of love and support


    Unique and Thoughtful

    With its embedded messages, this is a track for congratulatory, encouraging, uplifting and motivational moments. With the highlight message, a quote borrowed from Joel Osteen - I'll never rise any higher than the way I see myself., this is an ideal track to facilitate the listener into a self-reflective process and an intrinsic self enhancement course


    A perfect companion for the listener when after struggling through challenging moments of despair, worry, heartburn, envy or insecurity - eventually has risen above self and the challenge itself.


    A therapeutic and uplifting song, with visual prompts, on screen messages and an accompanying original soundtrack - to take them through and out of these phases in life.


    Original Soul Music - Rise

    • This song, is a NeoClassical interpretation of Victory, Growth, Peace. A note of appreciation, reflection and gratitude. A moment of solace and peace.
    • The orchestrations of this song take the listener through a phased emotional journey - from struggle, to growth, to pain, to result, to victory.  



    • Developed especially for the mobile phone screen. Enjoy this Message on the go.
    • A unique and thoughtful gift for yourself and someone special for ocassions, anniversaries, holidays or just cause you care on a Tuesday. 
    • Available in 2 Variants : Light & XMas to suit different tastes
      • "I'll burn if I must, but I'll Rise from the Dust"
      • "You may write me down in history with your bitter, twisted lines...You may trod me in the very dirt, but still, like dust, I'll Rise "
      • "I Rise by lifting others and I Rise in glory as I sink in pride. I'll never Rise any higher than the way I see myself"
      • "I'll Rise above the Storm, and I will find the Sunshine"
      • "I'll Rise from the dead and actually Live. I decide to Rise"

      (all the above are adptations from famous, inspiring quotes)

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