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    Unique and Thoughtful

    With its embedded messages, this is a track for reflective, supportive, corrective and motivational moments. With the highlight message, a quote from Gandhi - You have the choice to create the life your heart if Yearning to live, this is an ideal track to facilitate the listener into a self-reflective process and an intrinsic self corrective course


    A perfect companion for the listener when struggling through challenging moments of despair, worry, heartburn, envy or insecurity. A therapeutic and uplifting song, with visual prompts, on screen messages and an accompanying original soundtrack - to take them through and out of these phases in life.


    Original Soul Music - The Yearning

    • This song, is a NeoClassical interpretation of Longing, Desire, the Yearning. For something that is beyond what we want, for something that is intensely what we seek.
    • The orchestrations of this song take the listener through a phased emotional journey - from wanting, to longing, to conflict, to intense desire to euphoria.  



    • Developed especially for the mobile phone screen. Enjoy this Message on the go.
    • A unique and thoughtful gift for yourself and someone special for ocassions, anniversaries, holidays or just cause you care on a Tuesday. 
    • Available in 2 Variants : Journey & Nature to suit different tastes
      • "I like the sea, we understand one another..... it is always Yearning, sighing for something it cannot have.....AND SO AM I"
      • "Sometimes I Yearn for a place where its always night and the time stands still. I Yearn for Mountains that I have never ever seen. I Yearn for Sun and Starlight. I Yearn for Roses and Winter... "
      • Yearning is the Most Difficult emotion to Manage. There are 3 ingredients to the Good life....Learning, Earning and YEARNING
      • "The longing for impossible things...nostalgia for what never was..the desire for what could have been..regret over not being someone else....dissatisfaction with the world’s existence..
      • I have the choice to create the life my heart is Yearning to live. When I stop Yearning, I stop Aspiring. I stop Living"


      (all the above are adptations from famous, inspiring quotes)

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