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Music of the Soul, for the Soul, from the Soul

This Indian-Dutch artist utilizes his musical dedication to find enthusiasm, insight and assist others to discover “that special gift, which only You have”.

Gathering much global press and attention, Basil Babychan is embracing his opportunities and exploring the open road ahead of him. With his debut   Shadows Dance and the success of his 2020 EP accidentally Incorporated, and singles Transient (July 2021) & Phantasm (Oct 2021),  his new album launches with its first single Insentinent Nature (Nov 2023)

Blending his unique musical concepts and song structures, Basil’s music is aptly coined Neo-Classical; a hybrid of Classical styles coupled with modern orchestral and electronic themes.

The result is inspirational melodies; songs of peace, reflections, love, and happiness. Music for the Soul.

Basil creates full-length multi-timbre pieces, rich with a dynamic presence. With superlative instrumentation, Basil’s effective use of harmony allows his melodies to arouse inspiration and inner clarity. He pursues this talent with weekly Melodic Messages where he shares his musical ideas embodied with empowering messages


Working with many artists and varied influences, allows his melodic presence to be enunciated with clarity and reach the inner workings of the Soul. Basil Babychan enlists some incredible talent to help re-interpret these original tracks under the banner Melodic Musings. His collaborations give each of them not exactly a solo, but instead a featured presence in the composition.

Through his YouTube channel, and Instagram page, Basil reaches a comprehensive global audience. His professional and mature performance videos exhibit the collaborative efforts, the messages and the overall vibe the music evokes to “empower  present-day Warriors, Survivors, and Winners - as they continue to ignite the Human Spirit.” 

Latest Release



We all belong here - even those with no Voice, the Insentient! 

Everything that we perceive around us is struggling towards freedom, from the atom to the man, from the insentient, lifeless particle of matter to the highest existence on earth, the human soul. The whole universe is in fact the result of this struggle for freedom. - Swami Vivekananda

Developed from my musical works on a French shortfilm. This piece acknowledges the existence of the lifeless, yet very living and present aura around us.


“Basil’s style as a composer exposes a fairly minimalist... it’s the playing, the expression and the movement, rather than the piling up of effects, that tell the true story.” - Stereostickman


Cues & Scores


Tropical Leaves


“This piece has really moved me, lifted me.. Soft, enlightening, inspiring, passionate. peautiful ! ”

— Heidi Naomi 


“.. a diverse and wonderfully orchestral new release that will charm and entertain in equal measure” - Broken8Records


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