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Awaken your free spirit. NeoClassical Melodic Reflections. Sleep Music, Yoga Music, Mindfulness Music, Guided Meditation

Humans have used music as an aid to Meditation, Prayer, Mindfulness & Yoga since the dawn of time -  beginning from Gregorian chants that were recorded 500 years ago. NeoClassical composer Basil Babychan, attempts to do just that. by facilitating Melodic Reflections, using the power of Music. 


Simple yet powerful

This 15 minute compilation has a more ethereal, one-of-a-kind style. It taps mesmerizingly simple piano melodies will undoubtedly help you relax. This makes it ideal for a moment of reflection while also bringing deep serenity. The 3 indiviudal loops of 5 minutes each, help you settle into a relaxed state, dive deeper and reflect. Begin the session by becoming aware of your breathing. After you've completed the session, pause for a moment to reflect on your experience.



A perfect companion for the listener when after struggling through challenging moments of despair, worry, heartburn, envy or stress. Don't forget to check out the Complimentary Benefits section you avail, with this Purchase. Free Music subscription for the Mind & Soul. 



<> Developed especially to be streamed on Mobile or an Audio player. Enjoy the Music on the go.

<> A unique and thoughtful gift for yourself and someone special for ocassions, anniversaries, holidays or just cause you care on a Tuesday. 

<> 3x individual tracks, of approx 5 minutes each. File delivered as a Compilation (download) upon Checkout

Seeking Within | Music specialised for Meditation and Relaxation

  • With this purchase, you avail the following benefits

    1. Melodic Messages (Instrumental Piano) melodies delivered to you free of charge - approx. 1-2 each month
    2. Exclusive copies of all published NeoClassical Music from composer and musician Basil Babychan - approx. 4-5 each yr

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